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Filter Invent On -Hand based on WMSLocation


Today I have faced a issue how to show or filter data on InventSum Grid in EP from WMSLocation i.e. for each location there should be Invent On-hand data.

Same as AX 2012 R3 rich client in EP.

For these following are the steps:

  1. Create a Dataset EPInventGridOnHand.
  2. Add InventSum and InventDim table in datasource of EPInventGridOnHand dataset.
  3. Now on init() method of EPInventGridOnHand dataset we will get WMSLocation buffer with InventLocationId and WmsLocationId field value and write below code before dataset Init method super()


wmsLocation = element.args().record(); // Here wmsLocation is a global table buffer

For filtering based on WMSLocation write below code after dataset init method super()

               //Filter Invent On-hand based on WMSlocation

inventDim_ds.query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(InventDim)).addRange(fieldnum(InventDim,wmsLocationId)) .                                   value(queryValue(wmsLocation.wMSLocationId));

inventDim_ds.query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(InventDim)).addRange(fieldnum(InventDim,InventLocationId)) .    …

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SSRS Tip: Printing Row headers in every page – Dynamics Ax 2012

Casperkamal's Dynamics Ax blog

This post today will discuss how to print row headers in every page for tablix.

When your table has a header

When using table type tablix with headers as seen in the below image, right click on the Tablix properties and select “Repeat header rows on each page” (If you use a matrix control please check the same for “Repeat header columns on each page”)


When you use a static tablix member in Row or Column.

If you don’t realize what a static tablix member, select a table and insert a row using the option “Outside Group – Above” or simply Insert Row -> Above if you don’t have any groupings. Now open the Group mode window (if not open, click the grouping icon from your report tool bar grouping_windo) and then click Advanced mode. The system will show up static members in a table. These are members that are…

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Create Customer Sales Order Templates With Item Lists

Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day

Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is chock full of useful features, but sometimes they are a little reclusive, and you have to know where to find them. An example of this is the Customer Item Lists function that allows you to create item lists based on customer sales history and then use them as order templates to save time during the order entry process.

This trick will keep the customers think that you are a mind reader.

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The Reserved ordered items inventory parameter


So I must admit I’m a bit conflicted about the best way to set this parameter. I like to leave it off, but other consultants I’ve worked with think that it should be on.

Inventory management > Setup > Inventory management parameters > General:

So what does it do? Well it lets you reserve from open supply orders as well as physical inventory. By supply orders I mean purchase orders, production orders, or transfer orders.

So the first thing you might notice is the on-hand display. With the parameter selected I see:

But with it off, the system shows:

Let’s leave ‘Reserved ordered items’ blank, and create a sales order for 20. If I have Automatic reservation enabled, when I create the sales order I’ll see:

Fair enough. I’m ordering 20 and there are only 11 in the warehouse, so the system’s asking me what I’d like to do.


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Map, set, etc., should not be passed as parameter to a static method

My Dynamics Space

LCS BP error: Map, set, etc., should not be passed as parameter to a static method

Developer normally used Map or Set to pass as argument to the static method. Which is not recommended by LCS.


Here is the way to convert the SET or MAP to container to fix this BP warnings.

Convert SET to Container and vice versa:

In this example I have taken Worktable as example for demonstrating.

Container                   set2Con;

SetEnumerator          se;

whsworktable            worktable;

Set                            container2Set; //SET Class

Set                            setWorkHeaders = new Set (Types::Record);

//Add the marked records of worktable using for…Loop into set.


//Pack the set value into container

set2Con = setWorkHeaders.pack();

Pass this container as argument to the static method. In Static method using the Set

class, convert the CONTAINER into SET again.

container2Set = Set::create (set2Con);

Using SET enumerator, read the value from set

se = container2Set.getEnumerator();

while (se.moveNext())


workTable =…

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New feature in AX 2012 R3 – Inserting data in table directly from query


A new version/release of Dynamics AX is finally gone RTM and one of the new cool features is the ability to insert data from a query directly into a table. And why is that so clever you might think? Well, consider the performance boost of not having to loop through thousands of records including the roundtrips between SQL server, AOS server, client and back. That is why this is so interesting.

Here is a quick demo of how it works:

I have created a table called TESTQuery2Record. It contains 4 fields: CustGroupId, CustGroupName, PaymTermId and PaymTermDesc. It should be fairly obvious what to expect from these fields. 🙂

The purpose of the demo scenario is to get customer group data including the corresponding payment term information inserted in our test table. To do this I have written this job:

static void DEMO_Query_InsertRecordSet(Args _args) { TESTQuery2Record testTable; Map fieldMapping; Query query; QueryBuildDataSource…

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add new default dimension (financial dimension) on new table and form example tutorial

hello Dynamics AX

This example tutorial will guide you to add new default dim on table and forms.

1. Add new field with type Int64 and set the properties.

2. Add relation on table relation and set the properties.

3. on class declaration form , add code below :

4. add tab page Financial Dimension on form design , and set properties like img below

5. on TabFinancialDimensions , override method pageActivated

6. on init form, like code below :

7. finnaly, on datasource form method override method :
on active()

on write()

on delete()

8. preview example form:

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