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Role Center Cues in Dynamics AX 2012

Unfortunately, Dynamics AX 2012 or Enterprise Portal does not web part for cues although that doesn’t mean that you cannot create cues from their data,because the Advanced Filter editor also has the ability to publish filtered data as cues.

So first of all we will understand Advanced Filter editor feature available in Dynamics AX.

Advanced Filter editor

Let me give you a good example to understand this, Your Purchase Manager role centre user profile frequently navigate to the All Purchase orders list page and then filter the list by name so that only ‘Contoso Europe’ Purchase orders are listed.

He would like a quicker and easier way to access the above filter list of purchase orders whenever he wants to see and he don’t prefer to have to filter the list of each time.Dynamics AX provided easiest way to achieve this through filters.

In simple words,You can use filtering to find and work with a subset of the data in a form. When you apply a filter on a form, you see only the records that meet the criteria that you had specified.There are multiple ways to filter records see  How to Filter records [AX 2012]

There are two ways to use the filters as per above example

1.Save the filters records and use as Favorites.

2.Save the filters list as cues

Manages cues through the Advanced Filter editor

A cue is a type of part that represents a query in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. A cue to show a count of data records that the query retrieves. Cues can be placed in cue groups in the Fact Box pane and on a Dynamics AX/Enterprise role center page. When you double-click a cue on your Role Center page in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client, the associated page opens and the filtered view is displayed records accessed by the cues. Cues helps you increase efficiency and productivity see How to: Create a Cue Through AOT  [AX 2012]

Your role center is defined by your User profile. Systems administration > Common > Users > User profiles.

user profiles


Dynamics AX comes with a wide range of standard Role centers. They’re customizable, but I don’t want to get into technical details – so I’m going to assign myself a nice simple Role center, the Chief Executive officer without thinking of use of user profile. Click on the ‘View role center’ button above and you’ll see:

Role center.png

The cues are those icons that look like good old fashioned in-trays.they’re links to Dynamics AX forms with a filter applied. If you open your role center in the Dynamics AX client you’ll be taken to the form. If you open your role center in the Enterprise portal, you’ll only be able to click on the cue if there is an Enterprise portal version of the form.

But the really neat feature is that you can create your own cues. You need to be on a form that has direct access from a menu, and you need to be able to write a filter query. Let’s open the sales order form and setup a simple query. Sales and marketing > Common > Sales orders > All sales orders:

Filtered Sales Invoice Orders.png

The filter drop-list menu gives you the option of saving this filter as a cue:

Save as cue.png

Click on that option and you’ll see:

Invoiced Sales Orderd.png

Give it a name, and set the other options. Incidentally, if you want to change these options later, go to Organisation > Setup > Role center > Edit cues.

Now back to your Role center:

Invoiced Sales Orders.png

you’re done.Happy Daxing. 🙂

Reference :Cues in AX 2012