The Copy Only Backup… What is it and why use it?

01 Mar

Full Backup in SQL Server 2012 doesn’t brake log chain but Copy_only very usefull for ad-hoc transaction log backups.

Mitch's Pitch

The copy-only backup is actually a very important tool in all production DBA’s arsenal. A copy only backup is essentially a ‘snapshot’ of the database at that point in time that is completely independent from any sequencing of backups used for a restore.

Why is it important some might ask, well, let me explain. Almost all production SQL environments have some sort of back up strategy which includes some combination of full backups, differential backups and/or Transactional log backups. For instance, a full backup is taken on a database every weekend. This creates a starting reference point for a restore.  After the full backup, differential backups are taken nightly with additional transaction log (TLog) backups taken at specified intervals throughout the day to create what is called a log chain. All of these differential and TLog backups are tied directly to the preceding full backup. A Log Sequence Number (LSN)…

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