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Backing up and restoring the tail-log end of a transaction log

Very good Explanation about SQL Server Backup types,Recovery Models and tail backup.can really help a person to understand backup and restore databases concepts.


In this post I would like to demonstrate with a hands-on example how to backup and restore the tail of the transaction log.In this post I will also demonstrate how to take full and differential backups and how to restore them. I will also talk about the various SQL Server backup types, recovery models and how these models affect our backup and restore strategy.

But why we take backups in the first place? Disaster-Recovery is the first thing that comes to mind.We also use backups in Log Shipping,Database Mirroring,Replication. We do backups when we want to transfer our database from the development to the production server.Finally we take backups when moving or upgrading a database.

One could argue that we take backups when we want to manage the size of the transaction log.The only operation that clears the transaction log of a database that…

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