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Cannot insert multiple records in Security user role (SecurityUserRole). The record already exists.

I have made a copy of production environment and restored on development environment and deleted all the users from userinfo table.

I got an request to provide  access to an user but whenever i tried to import new user i started getting error.

Cannot insert multiple records in Security user role (SecurityUserRole).

This error itself giving you solution of the problem,we have to delete the record from this table with USER_= “new user”.

Route cause: The route cause of this error is inconsistency between userinfo table and securityUserRole.


Solution: Open SQL Server Management Studio, SQL DB, Select the MicrosoftDynamicsAX database and run the below query

delete from dbo.SECURITYUSERROLE where USER_ = ‘deepakKal’

To check user details run:

select * from dbo.SECURITYUSERROLE.

Now if you will try again to add same user then you will see its added without any error.

Happy Daxing 🙂


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SSRS Report in R3 – VS 2012 vs. VS 2010


In R3 environment, when I tried to to edit a report,  i received the following message
“Unable to preview the report, install the Business Intelligence Development Studio feature of Microsoft SQL Server For more information”


AOT > Visual Studio Projects > Select a project > Right Click > Edit


Notice that VS 2010 is still being used as a default one.


AX R3 still needs to integrate with Visual Studio 2010 and therefore you have to have BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio). You can use a SQL Server 2008 R2 installation image to install it (it’s one of the components you can select during installation of “A new standalone server or additional components” on the client machine.

SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup Feature Selection

How to installing(adding) features (SSRS) to an existing SQL installation. Please follow this link:

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