How to Install SQL Server 2014 and a SQL Server 2014 Service Pack1 (SP1) at same time using slipstream

04 Mar

With the release SQL Server 2014, I have compiled the list of steps to create a slipstream drop. Once you have created this slipstream drop, you can install the original release of SQL Server 2014  and SP1 at the same time.The slipstream functionality performs a single installs that is quicker when compared to installing the original release and then applying the service pack. Additionally this slipstream drop fixes any Setup issues that prevent a successful installation or upgrade that has been addressed in SP1.To patch existing SQL Server 2014 features, download SP1 from the download center or obtain from Microsoft Update when available.

When you are installing a new instance of SQL Server, you want to perform as few steps as possible. SQL Server 2014 setup is much better about slipstreaming both service packs and cumulative updates.

Here are the steps:

1. Mount your original SQL Server 2014 source media.

2. Download the SQL Server 2014  SP1 packages with the file name [...]_zip.exe and Extract each of the SQL Server 2014 SP1 packages to C:\AllUpdatesFolder as follows. For example, when you first download Service Pack 1.the download folder will look like this:


3.Now when you run the below command line, when you get to the Product Updates screen in setup,

D:\setup.exe /Action=Install /UpdateSource=C:\AllUpdatesFolder

you should see that it has included both SP1 and CU1.


Note that you can keep all of your Service Packs and Cumulative Updates over time in the same folder – if you use the /UpdateSource argument, SQL Server Setup will be smart enough to choose the latest SP and its latest CU, regardless of what else might exist in that folder.

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