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Dynamics AX AIF Web Service reference credential problem

At a client’s site, I was creating  AIF Web services. For this, I was using the service wizard in AX 2009.

The web service was deployed to the IIS 7.5.when i when i was trying to consume the web service through  the .Net application.the following happened : The service was prompting for credentials and did not work properly.


WCF Service Reference Credential Prompt



After a certain amount of searching time and nearly giving up,  I was browsing the configuration file of the web services directory and discovered that the BindingMethod of the deployed services was configured to use basicHttpBinding.


This was the actual problem because the wsdl looked like this : (negotiate authentication tags were added, …)



Changing the binding method to wsHttpBinding creates the service without the negotiateAuthentication and takes care of our annoying credential problem.



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